I am a serial dater.

It’s no joke. Serious business here. I really am a serial dater. I’ve gone on multiple dates in one week. One on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday with all different men. When you sign up for a dating site it’s like the ocean of fishes on your computer screen or cellphone app. What I’m saying is…. there are plenty of options, at least for a woman, or at least for me. So why not knock out a few first dates in one week, or even do 3 on a free Saturday that you do have. Because I’ve done it. And…. there is no problem with it. I always try to be completely honest with these guys and let them know I might have another date during the week because I expect them to do the same. We are all trying to find what we are looking for. I guess the more dates I do go on, the faster I find the one.

I am not saying that I do this serial dating often. (“Ask me if I do this every day, I said ‘Often'” – The Weeknd) No not often. When I do meet someone and I like him, I end up dating just him. The point is to find the one, not date everyone.

“Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince.”

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