The Weird One…

He was really weird! Like super super duper weird. Just kidding no he wasn’t. It makes up for a good title and nickname though! I guess it’s a little bit of an inside joke with him. So I swiped right with this one, meaning we matched on Tinder. I was telling people about how I was going on a date after work, and when they asked me where I met him, I lied and said at the grocery store. So, I had started to make up this story about how he asked me for my number in the produce section. I got several reactions from people saying it sounded like something from a movie, or that rarely ever happens. So after going on a date with him, I immediately wanted to write about how our date went. I started to write the made up story of how we met and just started to feel bad (like bitch this is not true). I told myself if I was going to really blog about my journey in finding love that I was going to keep it 100% real. So we did not meet in the produce section of the grocery story, but on Tinder.

We had already been talking for about a week and decided to meet. I got off work and met him at the restaurant. I always get first date butterflies, hoping the person I meet in real life looks the same as their pictures on their profile. I don’t want to be catfished and stuck on a date that I can’t get out of because I’m nice, sometimes. It was not the case with this one. He was cute, cuter in person, tall 6’0″, lean, pretty eyes, nice smile, great taste in shoes (Jordan’s), nice jacket (Nike) and a 5 o’clock shadow. Definitely my type; eyes check, smile check, and shoes check. Our chemistry in person was as good as our conversations through text. The date lasted about 2.5 hours of just getting to know each other more. I left pretty satisfied with the date. He said he wanted to see me again, so I agreed because I did want a 2nd date too.

Who would’ve thought that I’d see him again the next day for lunch? It so happened that my 1st date of the day cancelled on me (The Raider Fan), so I was available to meet with him. After we had Vietnamese food we continued our date at Starbucks, where we drank coffee and talked some more. This guy can talk, but I didn’t mind it because he makes me laugh. As time flew by, I realized that my 2nd date of the day was coming up soon, but I didn’t really feel like going anymore. So I cancelled my date with him (The Father). The Weird One and I talked a bit more and then we went our separate ways. We plan on seeing each other again pretty soon. To be continued…

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