The Young One…

I have a history of dating young boys. Oops, I mean young men! My friends always tell me, “He’s too young! He’s a baby! Date someone your own age!” I don’t know what it is; I’m just attracted to them. Actually, it’s because they’re fun, spontaneous, they’re eager to please, more active, less set in their ways, they go with the flow, and they don’t hold back with showing their feelings for you. I think I’m a lot like them, so we get along really well. But I am at that age where I might need to start looking for someone my own age or older. Someone who’s ready to go to the next step with their life. Someone who is set in their career. Someone who is stable. Someone who is still not searching for what they want in life. I am not saying that all young men are immature and don’t know what they want in life, but if I want a baby in 2 years, are they going to be ready for it? If I’m dating a guy who is 24, will he be ready at 26? Maybe, maybe not. Do I let myself get to that point where he would or wouldn’t be ready? I just don’t want our relationship to be a waste of time if he ends up not wanting the same things as me in the near future. I’ll just be 2 years older having to start over, and I do not want that at all. I get that I could start over at any age, even with someone my age, but I think it’s less likely to happen. I could be wrong about the whole thing. Who knows? They say “age is nothing but a number.” Sure. I don’t want to prejudge anyone because of their age, but it’s still something I need to consider when finding the one.

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