The Father…

I give the upmost respect for fathers who take care of their children when they are no longer with the baby mama. But could I ever really get serious with one? There are many fears for me that come along with dating another woman’s baby daddy. First, baby mama drama, I’m just not into it. I have never had drama in my life like that, and I wouldn’t want to start now over some dude. Second, there’s a chance he could get back with the baby mama, so they can work on being a family for the baby. I’m all about people trying to stay together for the baby, at least try and work it out. I would want that for myself if I were in that situation. Third, I would like to start my own family with someone who doesn’t already have another family. Fourth, do they want more children because I would like a baby someday? Fifth, I like attention; can he drop everything and come over if I call him? These are just a few reasons why I try to stay away from daddies. Nothing against them, but I just prefer my man without babies.

I had met The Father and told him straight up, “I don’t date guys with babies.” He says, “Well, I think you should give this one a chance.” I tried avoiding the situation all together. I didn’t text him much; I just wasn’t feeling him because of his situation. I still made plans to go on a date, but I cancelled last minute. I really thought I got rid of him then, but a couple days later he asked if I was ok because I never gave him an explanation as to why I cancelled. He was still interested in taking me out. I thought why not, I guess I could write about him on my blog (I know, now I’m using him for material). But what shocked me the most about getting to know him more was that he’s really a great guy. The whole kid thing no longer bothered me anymore. At least for now…

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