The Weird One… Part 2

Maybe I should title this post “The Weird One… The End”. I had one last date with him, but I didn’t know it was going to be the last one. We had lunch and coffee, almost like it was our usual thing. We watched half of a movie and then I left to my family’s party. I had a good time with him, and he did too because he texted me to tell me. It became one day, then two days and eventually a week that I hadn’t heard from him. I thought to myself, maybe I should text him, but I didn’t. Why? I want someone who tries, who wants me, who’s going to show me how much they want me, and I want someone who won’t give up. I know how I am in a relationship, how I’ve been in a relationship, and I always give my 100%. I no longer want to do that for someone unless they show the same kind of effort I would give them. He was a cool guy, but just not the one for me.

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