What it’s like to date a father…

I never come first. It’s a given fact, and I cannot be mad about it. That’s what happens when you date someone with a kid. The kid will/should come first. Of course I get sad, upset, disappointed when I’m not chosen to spend the day or night with him. But what can I really do? I’m not going to pout, cry and beg for his attention. He has a kid. What would it look like on my part if I were to cry about it? I don’t think it would be a good look, and I don’t think I’d get my way. There’s no way a man will put up with that shit. A man with a kid wants someone who understands, who’s patient, who’s willing to share his time and who’s accepting of his child. I would never tell him to pick me over his kid. I would lose, and I would lose him. I’ve had to tell myself a few times that I cannot be angry at him for spending time with his kid. It takes me a few minutes to change my negative thoughts into positive ones. Being in a relationship with him has taught me so much in such a short amount of time. I have learned so much about patience and understanding the bond between a parent and child. I know that I’m selfish, but dating a father has taught me to think of someone else other than myself. One day I will have a child, and I will know exactly how it feels to be a mother.

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