What it’s like to date this father…

Dating a man with a kid is different than dating a man with no kid. Not different as in good or bad or better, but just different. Not saying all fathers are the same; there are probably good and bad fathers, but this specific father (my boyfriend) is pretty amazing.

He has so much love for his kid. He’s proud to be a father. His number one priority is his kid. He’s responsible. He’s not out doing dumb shit. He doesn’t have a sip of beer if he knows he’s driving. He’s not doing drugs. He goes to work and he works hard to give his kid everything. He doesn’t have to see his kid, he wants to see his kid and needs to see his kid. He spends most his free time with his kid. He wants to be the best father to his kid. He told me he didn’t have parents growing up, so now he’s changing that for his kid. He’s a different kind of man that I’m used to because he has a kid. He knows what he wants. He’s understanding. He’s patient. He’s kind. He’s loving. He’s affectionate. He doesn’t play games. He’s fun. He’s serious, but most of the time he’s being silly. He has a good heart. I can just tell. He’s grown. He’s mature. And I feel safe with him. He’s a family man. He wants a big family too. It’s just obvious he’s an amazing father and man.

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