When is it my turn for love?

Why? More often then I would like, I have to start over. Why did it not work out this time? What did I do wrong? Why do I have to go through this again? Why? Why? Why?

It has been a terrible week for me. I realized I haven’t wrote in 2 months. I had nothing to write about, or I didn’t want to write what was actually going on in my relationship. Now I have something to say about it. It is easy to blame myself for my failed relationship because I always feel like I could have done better. But in fact, he could have done better. And this doesn’t come from hate or anger, but from truth. I did my best to be the very best girlfriend possible. I gave my all to him and tried to create a future with him. I know I gave all of me. That’s all that should matter on my part; knowing that I gave my best and all to someone. I did not hold back. Often times when we go through heartbreaks we tend to bring fear into the new relationship. I did not do that. I created a new relationship with someone new. But my best was not enough. Even though this relationship never came to the words “I L-You”, I would be lying if I said it doesn’t hurt, but it does. It hurts to start over. More wasted time it seems. I hate starting over. But that’s what has to be done…

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