Someone Like Me

My personality is kind of wild, spontaneous, aggressive, goes for what she wants, a little out there, social butterfly and just fun when it comes to being around great energy. Although I definitely feel like I’m more of an introvert because I love to be alone, I feel peace in the calm, in the silence, in my own thoughts and in my own world. I don’t mind eating at a restaurant alone or even seeing a movie by myself. I love being around me because I can be myself. I read an article once on introverted extroverts; I guess I am both.

Most people who know me see me as the optimistic, happy go lucky, crazy, wild and always laughing girl. That is a huge part of who I am and who I’ve always been. That’s why I find it so mind boggling that I am always attracted to guys that are serious, quiet, to themselves, unemotional, grounded, unsocial and just plain opposite of my extroverted personality. I believe that I may lack in those traits in myself that I might admire someone who has those traits that I want.

When my extroverted personality takes over, I get a sense that I need to be more calm when I’m around others. I have to reenergize by being alone. It’s almost like I need someone to calm me and to tame my over the top personality. But that doesn’t sound right.. shouldn’t I be with someone who’s like me? Who can be wild when need be and serious when need be? Shouldn’t I be with someone like me? Someone who understands that I’m both? Who can take my wild side and who can take my silence in peace? I need someone like me. I want someone like me. I don’t want to feel trapped in a relationship who’s opposite of me and I don’t want a relationship who’s much too wild for me either. I need balance because I am balanced.

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