The Bookworm…

Books! One of my favorite pastimes; a love for knowledge, a love for imagination, a love for information, a love for definitions, a love for clarity, a love for guidance, a love for words and more. When you meet someone with a common interest in books, it feels different. Before I started my own business, I’ve never met anyone who read books, let alone someone who actually enjoyed it and someone who read the same types of books. Sometimes I wonder, what kind of guys have I been meeting all this time? I had already met the Bookworm about a year ago, but it wasn’t until a few months ago I found out he read books! When I found out he read the same types of books I was reading, I was instantly attracted to him and instantly wanted to know more about him. My intentions weren’t to pursue him in a romantic way, but I wanted to pick his brain. All I thought was, “who was this rare human I have encountered on?” Everything I learned through our exchanges of findings in books, I came to like more and more. Our conversations were intellectual, honest, and insightful. Our communication had clarity, open-mindedness and respect. It was something so rare that I’ve ever experienced with any guy, so I kept coming back for more. Books do a wondrous of things and one of those things for me was enlightened my values. His mindset about becoming a better person in life and to self-grow was a quality that highly seduced me intellectually. I have learned that the power of influence and association is positively important to growing myself. The Bookworm has opened up my eyes to a value that I have never looked for in my past relationships, but now will be a requirement for my love.

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