Just A Little Crazy…

Am I crazy or are my feelings legitimate? Sometimes my emotions are uncontrollable and intense. We assume that it’s mother nature’s fault, and sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not. It’s even worse when men say it’s not an excuse. But then my feelings feel real, and I question are my feelings valid? I had an ex-boyfriend who made me feel I needed to apologized for my feelings and every fight was blamed on being a woman. I was confused if I was either right or wrong. I felt sorry that I had these feelings, never understanding if in fact I was allowed to have them. I want to edify the fact that I’m a person that likes to be in control of my feelings. The fact that I cannot always be in control of my feelings makes me feel even more helpless. Women are complex creatures, but we deserve the right to have our feelings acknowledge for what they are and not that we are crazy or psychotic, but that our feelings are legitimate. They might be intense at times, but they are still real for us. I can’t wait for the day that I find someone who is willing to put up with my “crazy” no matter what and still find me beautiful as ever. When he finally shows up in my life, I will treat him like the King that he is because he knows that I’m worth it, flaws, feelings and all!

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