Husband Fast Day 14

Day 14: Ordered Steps: Pray that you and your future husband would always be in full surrender to the Lord, allowing Him to order your steps. Pray that you wouldn’t try to jump ahead of His plans. Trust and believe God prepares you for the desires of your heart!

Scriptures: Proverbs 16:9, Isaiah 64:8, Psalm 37:23-24


Take delight in the Lord,
and he will give you your heart’s desires.
Psalm 37:4


Father God, I just want to thank you for connecting me with a group of women during this fast and for all the ladies that have shared. This fast has been very eye-opening in terms that marriage is a commitment and covenant to You and my future husband. It is a relationship between three people; You, myself and my future husband. Father God, I pray that my future husband and I will obey and surrender to You. I pray that You lead us every step of the way and that Your will, will be done in our lives and we will not jump ahead of Your plans. I fully trust and believe in you, Lord, that you will bless me with the desires of my heart! Thank you, Jesus! In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen!


Activation: Ask God what this season looks like for you. Ask Him if you are ready to date.

God is telling me that I need to be single in this season and that I am not quite ready to date. I still have a lot of healing to do from my recent relationship. I need to focus on some of my goals and just loving me. God knows that there’s so much more for me to do as a single and that I do not need to rush getting into a relationship. Even when I feel like I am getting “old”, I have so much faith that God will give me everything I want in a husband when the time is right. I don’t want to settle for anything less than what God wants for me.

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