Alone Not Lonely…

I’ve always been ok with doing things alone. I like going to the movies alone, I like going to restaurants alone, I have no problem doing things alone, and sometimes I even prefer it. I’ve been looking at $3+million dollar homes, checking out Porsche’s, have dates planned with myself on my calendar for this month. I really want to live out this single life to the fullest. So that way I know when I finally have that somebody next to me that I can appreciate it so much more. Everything is a blessing especially this single season where I can take the time to really get to know me, and figure out things before I get into a relationship. I can’t deny that sometimes I wonder when and actually it has been on my mind a lot recently. I am turning 31 in about 6 days and the holidays are here, so I’m feeling a little weary about when this guy is going to show up in my life haha. But, I have faith that he will show up.

One thought on “Alone Not Lonely…

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  1. Keep the faith. It’s not always easy but have faith. It’s normal to desire someone during moments and others moments it’s awesome to be single.
    Both have there pros and cons. I’ve learned and I still have my moments. Hang in there. It’s nothing like being fully whole before someone comes in to complement the journey instead being depended on for wholeness. Love of self is beautifully. Keep loving you and the right one will definitely be drawn to it. Wishing you the best. Don’t let the weeds of the ones who shouldn’t be there deter you from the one who is ready and capable of the love you deserve and desire


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