The Passionate One…

He is passionate and dedicated to something. He has a vision and drives to succeed. And with all of that, you know you will always come second to it. There is nothing more attractive than a man who has the ambition to be more, to be better, to have heart, and a commitment to his dream. Even more attractive when he is taking action, and it’s not just all talk. The question is, would I be able to handle the absolute truth that most or all of his free time would be spent on working on his dream? A woman should know this before starting a relationship with someone like this. He would need an encourager, an uplifter, a dreamer, a motivator, supporter, and a person to tell him the truth even if it hurts. I would imagine that he would want someone to believe in him and share the same passion for her own life. If I had my dreams and goals to accomplish, why couldn’t it work? Can two people fall in love chasing after their complete separate dreams? Would we have the same vision for our future once we succeed to the top?

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  1. No. I wouldn’t want some material thing to be my pursuit or my husband’s pursuit. His number 1 pursuit, as should mine be, is God. After that is each other because family is our first ministry. When the Lord says, Husband’s love your wives as Christ loved the Church. Christ doesn’t have another pursuit, before his bride. After your pursuit of each other, constantly growing together, loving, encouraging, building up, supporting, sharpening one another, praying for one another etc… Then comes your children. Then comes your neighbor (friends, extended family, strangers), then comes career. We have to see our relationship as something divinely ordered. Why has God sought fit for this time to bring us together. Because we are neither married or given in marriage in Heaven. So, what’s the purpose of this union while on the Earth? Chasing after temporal things is a disaster waiting to happen in a marriage.

    Now, someone may look at me and say wait you are an author, a creator you pursue dreams and make things happen. Yes, I do. But, that’s all overflow that comes from my Pursuit of God.

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