It Ain’t Easy…

It’s not easy being a “Christian.” The struggle is real especially when you no longer want to be the old you; the old me. I used to pretty much fall for anyone with a cute face and some fun. However, now I don’t even think about feeling any type of way unless, #1 He loves God as much as I love God and #2 What are his values, vision, and purpose in life? I still look at the cute faces, but I definitely guard my heart harder now. They’re just pretty faces now.

So when I hear, “Oh he goes to church!”, now I’m like, “Wait, who, what, where? Is he the one?”

It’s a little ridiculous, but natural women tendencies, or my tendencies. It’s more than just going to church, but is this person’s actions showing and sharing the love of Christ? Am I doing the same?

It was “easy” to find someone before, but definitely not worth all the sin, pain, and heartbreak. Honestly, I don’t know how my husband will look like, but I know deep down in my Spirit that I will be amazed and laughing so hard at God and telling him Thank You!

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  1. I agree with you 100% it could almost be frustrating but we know that it is all worth it in the end. To have a God ordained relationship then marriage. It’s almost crazy how what use to interest me doesn’t interest me now, God is so good. He knows just who will match perfectly with us. Your husband will definitely be someone tall, funny, adventitious, compassionate, handsome at heart, but most of all he will be God Fearing which is the best part. I’m so excited for you, thank you for sharing. As woman we need platforms to share our different experiences.

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